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Welcome to the documentation and download site of the ISSC-MAP project. This site is maintained as a historical archive for the project.

The ISSC-MAP version 1.0 document is available to download as well as former versions, minutes of relevant meetings and descriptions of the project objectives, structure and process.

New Foundation to promote sustainable wild collection of wild plants

In October 2008, the FairWild Foundation was endorsed by the four founding institutions of the ISSC-MAP (BfN, TRAFFIC, WWF, and IUCN) as the official owner of the ISSC-MAP standard, and is now responsible for its global implementation.

Under the auspices of FairWild Foundation, the International Standard for Sustainable Wild Collection (ISSC-MAP)  has now been merged with the FairWild Standard version 1.0. The development of the FairWild Standard version 1.0 was initiated by SIPPO (Swiss Import Promotion Programme) and financed in cooperation with Forum Essenzia e.V.

The FairWild Standard version 2.0, published in 2010, covers ecological, social and fair trade issues.  It provides a comprehensive framework for implementation, to assure buyers that products are produced in a socially and ecologically sound manner. Imple­mentation of the FairWild Standard also ensures traceability and transparency, and it improves product safety.

The FairWild website ( is currently updated and expanded to showcase the work of the newly expanded FairWild Foundation.


Background information / Handouts

Information on the objective, structure and process of the project:

·           Flyer (English) (pdf; 763 KB)

·           Flyer (French) (pdf, 1,2 MB)

·           Flyer (German) (pdf; 762 KB)

·           Flyer (Spanish) (pdf; 1,3 MB)

·            Standard Lecture (English) (ppt; 3,7 MB)

·            Standard Lecture (French) (ppt; 1,2 MB)

·            Standard Lecture (German) (ppt; 5,8 MB)

·            Standard Lecture (Portuguese) (ppt; 3 MB)

·            Standard Lecture (Spanish) (ppt; 3 MB)


About us


·           Decision Board

·           Members of the Advisory Group (pdf; 34 KB)

·           Structure (pdf; 5 KB)




Claims of compliance are not permitted without prior

permission of the ISSC-MAP Secretariat

·           ISSC-MAP Version 1.0 (pdf; 1,1 MB) January 2007

Based on Advisory Group consultation 2005 (summary of comments received), field consultation results and 2nd expert workshop

·           ISSC-MAP Version 1.0 deutsch (pdf; 446 KB) July 2008

        deutsche Übersetzung des englischen Originaldokumentes vom Januar 2007

·          Estándar Internacional para la Recolección Silvestre Sostenible de Plan­tas Medicinales y Aromáticas (ISSC-MAP) Versión 1.0 (pdf; 507 KB) September 2008

        Traducción al espanol del documento original en Inglés de enero de 2007

·           Padrão Internacional para Coleta Silves­tre Sustentável de Plantas Medicinais e Aromáticas (versão 1.0) (pdf; 430 KB) September 2008

        Traducao ao portugues do documento original em Ingles de janeiro do 2007



·           Study on Implementation Strategies and Opportunities for Pilot Implementation (pdf; 579 KB) April 2006



·           Saving Plants that Save Lives and Livelihoods (pdf; 428 KB) May 2008

·           Salvando Plantas que Salvan Vidas y Medios de Vida (pdf; 425 KB) May 2008

·           Salvando Plantas que Salvam Vidas e Meios de Vida (pdf; 425 KB) May 2008


News & media

·           International Collaboration Develops a Sustainable Wild Collection Standard for Medicinal and Aromatic Plants.

       Herbal Gram 73: 16, 23 February 2007

·           Efforts to protect wild medicinal, aromatic plants. Times of India, 14 May 2008:

·           Healing Power from Nature. Film produced by WWF and TRAFFIC, funded by BMZ, 16 May 2008:

·           Therapy needed for Medicinal Plants. WWF/TRAFFIC Press release, 20 May 2008:

·           Green activists volunteer to save biodiversity. Deccan Herald, 9 June 2008:

·           Wild collected botanicals: Creating global standards is imperative before societies lose the plants they depend on.

        Nutraceuticals World, July/August 2008; 11(7): 34-37 (pdf; 468 KB)

·           Allianz für gefährdete Heilpflanzen. Gemeinsame Pressemitteilung von WWF, TRAFFIC, IUCN und BfN,  9. Oktober 2008:[backPid]=3954&tx_ttnews[tt_news]=1213

·           Go Wild! IUCN Press release, 9 October 2008:

·           Hoffnung für gefährdete Heilpflanzen. Kooperation mit FairWild: Nachhaltigkeitsstandard für Wildsammlung von Heilpflanzen. Pressemitteilung des WWF Deutschland, 9. Oktober 2008:



·           1st Expert Meeting, Vilm, 4-9 December 2004:


o       Minutes (Summary) (pdf; 49 KB)

o      Minutes (Annex) (pdf; 398 KB)

·           2nd Expert Meeting, Vilm, 2-6 December 2005:

o      Minutes (Summary) (pdf; 666 KB)

o      Minutes (Annex) (pdf; 431 KB)

·           3rd Expert Meeting, Vilm, 24-26 November 2007:

o       Minutes (Summary) (pdf; 116 KB)

o      Minutes (Annex) (pdf; 74 KB)


·           Workshop on potential implementation strategies for the ISSC-MAP at the 1st IFOAM Conference on Organic Wild Production, 5 May 2006, Teslic, Bosnia & Herzegovina: 

o      Minutes (Summary) (pdf; 509 KB)

o      Minutes (Annex) (pdf; 649 KB)

·           Expert Workshop "Assessing the Sustainable Yield in Medicinal and Aromatic Plant Collection", International Academy for Nature Conservation, Vilm, 14-17 September 2006:

o      Programme (pdf; 315 KB)

o      Participants (pdf; 24 KB)

o      Abstracts (pdf; 543 KB)

o      Lectures

o      Bibliography (pdf; 1.3 MB)  

o      Review Study (D. Lange)

·           Expert Workshop “Implementation of the International Standard for Sustainable Wild Collection of Medicinal and Aromatic Plants, Isle of Vilm, 24-26 November 2007:

o      Minutes (Summary) (pdf; 116 KB)

o      Minutes (Annex 1, Agenda) (pdf; 61 KB)

o      Minutes (Annex 2, List of participants) (pdf; 18 KB)


Drafting phase 2004-2006

·           Test projects

o      Description of the Projects (pdf; 2.4 MB)

o      Methodology (pdf; 253 KB)

o      Results (Compilation) (pdf; 458 KB)

·           Draft standard versions

o      ISSC-MAP Draft 1 (pdf; 269 KB)  November 2004

o      ISSC-MAP Draft 2  (pdf; 415 KB)  April 2005

o      ISSC-MAP Borrador de trabajo (pdf; 440 KB) Junio 2006


Contact for further information

·           Background information: Uwe Schippmann (BfN)

·           For information on the ISSC-MAP project, contact the steering group members: IUCN-MPSG, WWF Germany, TRAFFIC, BfN

·           For information on the FairWild Standard, contact the FairWild Foundation Secretariat


Legal notice

·           Information on editor and disclaimer (in German)